MIZU Integrative Medicine Clinic + Float Center, based in Houston, Texas, is a cutting-edge concept clinic providing an innovative approach to medical care, wellness, and healthy living. 

With a focus on treating both the mind and body, the Clinic provides patients with evidence-based general medicine services combined with research-proven complementary therapies such as herbal medicine, medical acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy, and nutrition medicine.

MIZU is the first luxury medical clinic to offer Floatation Therapy, also known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST), at its Float Center via three state-of-the art floatation Pods, housed in private and luxurious suites. 

Houston based MIZU Integrative Medicine Clinic + Float Center welcomes you to discover a new path to health, wellness, and longevity for both mind and body.

- The MIZU Team