How Do You Train Your Mind?


One of the most remarkable capacities of the human mind is its ability to simulate sensations, actions, and other types of experience. An area of  interest for neuroscientist and sports psychologists is the use of mental imagery or motor imagery. This practice involves the mental rehearsal of actions without engaging in the actual physical movements involved. 

High performance and elite athletes use mental rehearsal and visualization techniques to enhance sports performance. They are all physically matched but what differentiates them is their level of mental training. Visualization is more than seeing a goal, a shot; it is defining, creating and living in a new reality (aka “zone”). When these athletes visualize and mentally rehearse, they create a blueprint and lay down a neural network map. 

The underlying premise is simple: if you visualize yourself performing the way you want to perform, your body will follow. Mental training and rehearsal further boosts athletes’ self confidence and reduces anxiety by visualizing potential pitfalls and hurdles and successfully resolving them.


Floatation-REST and sensory deprivation therapies present the optimal environment for mental training because they induce a deeper state of meditation and heighten concentration.

Quoting Stephen Curry, the NBA Champion who recently partnered up with Kaiser Permanente to promote mental wellness in a Floatation Pod: "this tool is more than just a sensory deprivation pod, it is meditation, self-motivation, focus, deep breathing, and mindfulness.”

How do you train your mind? Come experience the benefits of using MIZU's sensory deprivation pods to improve visualization & focus, and achieve mental clarity & success like JJ Watt and Steph Curry.