MIZU Integrative Medicine Clinic + Float Center, based in Houston, Texas, is a cutting-edge concept clinic providing an innovative approach to medical care, wellness, and healthy living. MIZU Clinic utilizes Integrative Medicine which is general medicine along with evidence based complementary therapies such as western medical acupuncture, herbal medicine and multiple science driven ancillary services for mind and body. 

One of the unique ancillary services that MIZU offers is Floatation Therapy, also known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) via three state-of-the art floatation Pods (sometimes termed sensory deprivation or isolation tanks), housed in private and luxurious suites.

MIZU's unique protocoled approach to Floatation Therapy involves immersion in a sensory restriction pod filled with 1,100 lbs of pharmaceutical grade Magnesium Sulphate salt and 10” of water heated to skin temperature, blurring the lines between your body and the water’s surface and providing the buoyancy of the Dead Sea. The zero gravity environment allows your entire musculoskeletal system to fully decompress and your mind to completely let go.

Floatation Therapy at MIZU offers tremendous benefits; it relieves stress, reduces joint and muscle pain, induces deep relaxation, promotes mindfulness, enhances focus and creativity and improves sleep quality. It is truly an exquisite modern mental and physical detox.

MIZU Integrative Medicine Clinic + Float Center welcomes you to discover a new path to health, wellness, and longevity for both mind and body.