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The Best pre-flight ritual? A float Therapy session at MIZU...Best hydrotherapy in Houston!
— The Road Les Travelled
People have been floating in the Dead Sea for centuries to reap the restorative benefits...and now you can do it in your own little, perfect, private pod at MIZU...
— Local Houston Magazine
Very happily ending this busy Monday with relaxing Floatation Therapy at MIZU...
— Tidbits Houston
Relax And Recover Like Pro Athlete’s at MIZU CLINIC + FLOAT CENTER ... I certainly recommend it for any one who is very active, experiences aches and pains, reduce swelling, is looking to lower blood pressure and mental relaxation. Hey, if it’s good enough for Watt and Curry… sign me up.
— Casiraghi Style
And the pain? Completely gone because floating reduces musculoskeletal stress, hence relieving pain and fatigue from not only your back, but also knees, and shoulders.
— Classy & Fabulous
I have never been more spiritually relaxed in my entire life.
I, for one, cannot wait to float again. The cost of a float is about the same as a 50 minute massage and let me tell you, I felt better leaving my floatation therapy session than I ever have after leaving a massage.
— Life to Lauren
It truly felt like a trip to the spa, but with longer lasting results. After my float, I enjoyed some of MIZU’s custom tea in their beautiful and modern lobby area before I was on my way. I couldn’t believe how soft my hair and skin felt.
— Luxe With Kids
Float Your Problems Away at MIZU ... The decor immediately starts calming you ... You detox after the detox. MIZU has its own teas, which are super great.
— it's not Hou it's me

Houston Chronicle: Float Therapy Clinic Set to open in Tanglewood. October 29, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 3.47.43 PM.png

"It's quiet in here. And dark. And feels so very tiny.

Sometimes, that would set me on edge. But as my body floats inside a space-aged pod with the lid closed, I feel oddly tranquil. I take a deep breath, letting my belly expand, the way yoga teachers always tell me I should inhale, and hold it for a moment".


Houston Business Journal: Inside new Galleria-area wellness and flotation therapy center. November 7, 2016

 THE MIZU CLIINC + FLOAT Center opened its first location nov 4th.

THE MIZU CLIINC + FLOAT Center opened its first location nov 4th.

"A growing body of research is pointing toward wellness benefits of flotation therapy. Stress, depression, anxiety and pain were "significantly decreased" and optimism and sleep quality "significantly increased" due to the therapy, according to a recent study".