The story of MIZU began in Kyoto, Japan, where Drs. Mahyar and Hannah Badrei's vision of a new concept of health, wellness and luxury was crystallized. The couple of 17 years found their inspiration in the ancient city’s elegant aesthetic, which embraces nature and historical rituals, while still supporting modernism and technological innovation.

Dr. Mahyar Badrei, who currently practices inpatient hospital medicine, was educated in the U.S. and England, earning degrees in Biochemistry and Biophysics, and graduate degrees in History, Philosophy and Medicine. He has been involved in clinical research, resident teaching, and holds full Texas medical licensure. Dr. Mahyar Badrei’s focused interest in evidence-based integrative medicine and its application to improving wellness and longevity is what inspired him and his wife to create the MIZU concept.

 “Integrative medicine is the future of wellness and medical care. We are just beginning to see top hospitals and leading academic medical centers explore integrative medicine concepts due to the positive, evidence-based impact consistently seen in patients who are involved in an integrative approach,” said Dr. Mahyar Badrei. “We are proud to bring an upscale and unique integrative medicine solution to Houstonians.”

Dr. Hannah Badrei, who earned a Ph.D. in computational finance from Rice University, has transitioned from a high octane career in energy management to drive the couple's new clinic concept. She says, "MIZU really is the way we need to experience healthcare; this is not a concierge or boutique medicine. Our concept promotes health and wellness in a unique environment while still retaining elements of the traditional medical care, with which we are familiar."

Based in Houston, MIZU Integrative Medicine + Float Center’s entire aesthetic is an exercise in thoughtful, sensory-driven design meant to stimulate specific cognitive responses. Every detail, including the abstract art, colors, lighting, aroma, and music, was carefully curated by Drs. Mahyar and Hannah Badrei based on research to appeal to the patient’s five senses. MIZU’s unique concept creates a luxurious and tranquil environment that is conducive to optimal wellness and relaxation. 

The couple’s love of tea culture and history is evident in their thoughtful blend of specialty teas. Drs. Badrei worked with an American master tea blender to create six proprietary herbal teas, which were all formulated based on clinical research to be palatable with optimal health benefits.