MIZU Integrative Medicine Clinic services include preventive care, wellness exams, and chronic care management. MIZU integrates tailored, wellness-promoting services and programs into your routine medical care to treat the whole person (mind and body).


The use of plant flowers, roots, berries, or leaves to treat a variety of conditions, boost immune response and enhance general health. Plants have been used for medicinal purposes well before recorded history in every culture. Currently, researchers estimate that up to 80% of people worldwide depend on herbal medicines and remedies for a part of their primary health care.



Western Medical Acupuncture, utilized at MIZU Integrative Medicine Clinic, is a therapeutic modality involving the superficial insertion of fine needles; it is an adaptation of Oriental acupuncture (Japanese/Chinese) using current clinical knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and the principles of evidence based medicine. Current clinical research suggests that medical acupuncture can positively complement the treatment of musculoskeletal pain when used alone, or as part of a tailored treatment program.


Short-term goal oriented psychotherapy that helps patients uncover their dysfunctional, irrational thinking, and behavior. It promotes the development of more adaptive and functional skills. It is a highly collaborative effort; the therapist and the patient work together as a team to identify and solve the problem.

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Nutritional intake plays a vital role in the maintenance of essential biochemical reactions and in the regulation of anabolic and metabolic processes of the body. Nutrition medicine aims to optimize dietary intake by using dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, and micronutrients. Nutrition Medicine aids disease prevention, weight loss, and promotes general wellness.

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